Great Barrier Island Beach Clean Up

On Friday 5 March, 24 Kauri Team students went with Mrs Tregoweth and Mr Waller to Great Barrier Island to help clean up all the rubbish on the beaches. The day was organised by the Sir Peter Blake Trust. We left school at 7.45am to get to town to catch the Fullers Ferry. The ferry ride was over 2 hours long. It was a brilliant, sunny, warm day. The seas got a bit choppy and several kids got sick.

When we arrived at Great Barrier Island, we were taken by vans to Kaitoke School near Claris. The school is tiny (less than 100 students) but the setting is amazing.

We went down to Kaitoke Beach and looked for any rubbish we could find. We were pleasantly surprised. There was very little rubbish on the beach. The strangest pieces of rubbish we found were an old fridge door and a sign that said “No Littering.” We also found four beer bottles and lots of nylon string.

Kaitoke Beach is stunning. It is a piece of paradise. We had a great time exploring and playing after we had finished our clean up. We did things in reverse. Most of us couldn’t resist the water and we ended up getting our clothes wet. We had to go home in our dry togs.

While we were waiting at the wharf for all the other schools to arrive, we saw two massive sting rays swimming in the shallow water. The locals told us that they were the town’s pets. No one is allowed to fish there or disturb them.

The ferry was a much smoother ride on the way home. We got back to school at 8.30pm. It was a very long school day but it was the best!!

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9 comments on “Great Barrier Island Beach Clean Up

  1. Great Barrier Island is an important place in the Hauraki Gulf. I have been there twice now and really enjoyed my time there.

    I first went on a ferry with a whole of of conservation people to celebrate when Motu Kaikoura was given back to the country. That day I got to meet Helen Clark (who was the Prime Minister at the time and whom many of you have met) and lots of other people who cared about maintaining the island of the gulf.

    The second time that I went to Great Barrier Island, we went in a very small aeroplane. We stayed at the local hotel and spent three days exploring the island. You can look at my pictures here. They might not be quite as exciting as yours!

  2. I hope the people who went had heaps of fun!!
    I liked the way that the team that Flo-Jo was in Co-operated and use their brains to get the cool ideas!! Like when they held her ankels and she was digging in the whole!

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