We Need Another Great Egg Drop Challengee

Wow, what a successful eggdrop challenge. 12 entrants, 3 successful gadgets. Some designs that tried to slow the rate of descent, some designs that concentrated more on cushioning, and some that were a combination of both ideas. We will make a video about the event this week and post it soon. Tune in.

We have had quite a long hiatus from the blogging scene and it’s nice to be back. Room 20 needs another technological design challenge. We had such fun two years ago when we had the first Great Egg Drop (look back in this blog and on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8IWhcv8zEg and see what happened). So let’s have the Great Egg Drop II.

The conditions of entry are the same. Entrants have to design and build their egg dropping devices at home.

The challenge is to design a way of safely dropping an egg from the top of the school playground without it breaking.

  • You can only use items from your recycling bin at home.

  • Your invention can not be more than 30cm big.

  • The great egg drop will be on Friday 4 March.

Successful egg dropping designs will then be tested from a greater height…out of Room 25’s window.

You need to consider cushioning your egg or slowing itโ€™s rate of descent (fall). Good luck with your design.

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