Who Am I?

We have a new World Champion….. Tegan !!!!

See below

Who am I? I am no longer with us.

  • Matthew is first in. I agree, Mrs Karaka is no longer with us. But she is still alive and well in Auckland. Unfortunately, I am absolutely no longer with us. In fact, I am no longer with anyone!!

  • Alexus thinks I might be the Christchurch Cathedral. It’s  very sad to see that great building so badly damaged by the quake but no, I did once have flesh and blood.

  • Tegan asks if I am Roald Dahl? Shakespeare? Did I invent things? Did I sign the declaration of independence? I was before Roald Dahl’s time but did enjoy reading Shakespeare at school from time to time. No, I didn’t sign the declaration of independence.

  • Ryan suggests that I might be George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. Yes, I am American, but no, I am not a President although I was called King.

  • Alexus wants to know if I was married. No, I wasn’t married even though I lived into my seventies.

  • Alexus asks if I am Elvis. He certainly was known as the King and he was American, but no, I wasn’t known for my singing.

  • Tegan, under the pseudonym NAGETEGAPNOSNITS1204 (what does that mean?) wants to know if I was a writer. I could write but only wrote notes to my staff members. Did I invent things? Yes I did, although the product I am famous for was already invented by someone else.

  • Holly thinks I might be famous for my cooking skills. No, I like going to restaurants but I can’t cook anything more than eggs on toast.

  • I died in the thirties and lived till my seventies, Deesha.

  • Samson asks if I am a book character. No, I was real, larger than life.

  • Ryan wants to know what product I was involved with. That’s for me to know and you to find out.

  • Kambill. We didn’t have TV in the thirties.

  • Two more questions. Am I part of a royal family? No, I am a regular, normal American. Why didn’t I get married? I don’t know. I never found the right person.

  • Akash wants to know what my product is. As I said before, for me to know and you to find out. I will say this, when I first sold it, it was for men only. Now women also like to use my product.

  • Still I am getting requests to tell you what my product does, the latest one from Samson. No, you tell me. What do you think it may be?

  • Akash thinks I am Denim Jeans. Probably early denim jeans were sold to men and now, they are definitely worn by women as well. But, no, I have nothing to do with Denim Jeans.

  • Tegan has hit the jackpot. She has shot a bullseye. She has hit the nail on the head. The answer is King Camp Gillette, the inventor of the safety razor. Here is a link that will tell you more about this interesting man who died without much money despite starting the Gillette razor company.

Learn more about the life of King Gillette

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    • Roald Dahl was after my time. I like reading Shakepare. I am American. I’m always inventing stories but nothing you can hold.

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