Welcome Back With A New Who Am I?

Time for a new Who Am I? I am famous for sailing, although I have been known to occasionally get lost. Ask the right questions and you’ll work out who I am pretty smartly. Ask the wrong questions and I’ll be waiting until ‘the cows come home’ before you work it out. Send your questions in the comment box.

Harmony wants to know if I am a sailing bear? That must be from a storybook I don’t know. No, I am not a bear. I am human.

Mata wants to know if I am still alive. No, I am no longer living or breathing.

Swaleha asks if I’m famous for doing anything else. Yes I am. I’m famous for looking.

Humairah wants to know if people remember me with their red socks. No, I’m sorry they don’t. She also wants to know if I won any sailing trophy. No, once again I didn’t.

I some times get lost miles and miles from home. So far from home, my crew get nervous that we might not get back.

Fusion wants to know what my purpose was as a sailor. Was I just as an ordinary sailor or a merchant that trades goods. Mmm, good question. I wasn’t an ordinary sailor. I did hope to return with riches but didn’t come back with much at all.

Swaleha wants to know if we have a day to celebrate me. In New Zealand, no. In other countries, yes. In fact, in some countries it is a holiday in remembrance of me.

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