Who Am I?

We have a new World Champion….. Tegan !!!!

See below

Who am I? I am no longer with us.

  • Matthew is first in. I agree, Mrs Karaka is no longer with us. But she is still alive and well in Auckland. Unfortunately, I am absolutely no longer with us. In fact, I am no longer with anyone!!

  • Alexus thinks I might be the Christchurch Cathedral. It’s  very sad to see that great building so badly damaged by the quake but no, I did once have flesh and blood.

  • Tegan asks if I am Roald Dahl? Shakespeare? Did I invent things? Did I sign the declaration of independence? I was before Roald Dahl’s time but did enjoy reading Shakespeare at school from time to time. No, I didn’t sign the declaration of independence.

  • Ryan suggests that I might be George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. Yes, I am American, but no, I am not a President although I was called King.

  • Alexus wants to know if I was married. No, I wasn’t married even though I lived into my seventies.

  • Alexus asks if I am Elvis. He certainly was known as the King and he was American, but no, I wasn’t known for my singing.

  • Tegan, under the pseudonym NAGETEGAPNOSNITS1204 (what does that mean?) wants to know if I was a writer. I could write but only wrote notes to my staff members. Did I invent things? Yes I did, although the product I am famous for was already invented by someone else.

  • Holly thinks I might be famous for my cooking skills. No, I like going to restaurants but I can’t cook anything more than eggs on toast.

  • I died in the thirties and lived till my seventies, Deesha.

  • Samson asks if I am a book character. No, I was real, larger than life.

  • Ryan wants to know what product I was involved with. That’s for me to know and you to find out.

  • Kambill. We didn’t have TV in the thirties.

  • Two more questions. Am I part of a royal family? No, I am a regular, normal American. Why didn’t I get married? I don’t know. I never found the right person.

  • Akash wants to know what my product is. As I said before, for me to know and you to find out. I will say this, when I first sold it, it was for men only. Now women also like to use my product.

  • Still I am getting requests to tell you what my product does, the latest one from Samson. No, you tell me. What do you think it may be?

  • Akash thinks I am Denim Jeans. Probably early denim jeans were sold to men and now, they are definitely worn by women as well. But, no, I have nothing to do with Denim Jeans.

  • Tegan has hit the jackpot. She has shot a bullseye. She has hit the nail on the head. The answer is King Camp Gillette, the inventor of the safety razor. Here is a link that will tell you more about this interesting man who died without much money despite starting the Gillette razor company.

Learn more about the life of King Gillette

We Need Another Great Egg Drop Challengee

Wow, what a successful eggdrop challenge. 12 entrants, 3 successful gadgets. Some designs that tried to slow the rate of descent, some designs that concentrated more on cushioning, and some that were a combination of both ideas. We will make a video about the event this week and post it soon. Tune in.

We have had quite a long hiatus from the blogging scene and it’s nice to be back. Room 20 needs another technological design challenge. We had such fun two years ago when we had the first Great Egg Drop (look back in this blog and on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8IWhcv8zEg and see what happened). So let’s have the Great Egg Drop II.

The conditions of entry are the same. Entrants have to design and build their egg dropping devices at home.

The challenge is to design a way of safely dropping an egg from the top of the school playground without it breaking.

  • You can only use items from your recycling bin at home.

  • Your invention can not be more than 30cm big.

  • The great egg drop will be on Friday 4 March.

Successful egg dropping designs will then be tested from a greater height…out of Room 25’s window.

You need to consider cushioning your egg or slowing it’s rate of descent (fall). Good luck with your design.

A Musical Challenge

Title of challenge: Recycling Music Challenge

A group of friends are stranded because their money has been stolen. They decide to earn it by busking using discarded packaging items to make instruments.

Get into teams of four. You need to make at least four musical instruments and play a designated tune (e.g. Twinkle, twinkle little star.)

There are no set materials, but you must not use real instruments. Each team member must play
one instrument, and the tune may be played for at least 30 seconds.

Teams will be judged by the standard of music, the variety of instruments and audience reaction.

Entries will be videoed and put on this blogsite. Others may judge your performance differently.

Thanks to the BP challenge for this idea. See BP Challenge for their website.

Ethan's Math's Problem

I love this one. Thanks Ethan for your email. Here it is. Who can solve it?

Ethan says, “Hey Mr… This is random

Ok. Assume last year a girl began with no money. Every month she gets an allowance for a whole year.  Then she spends 1/2 of her money on clothes, then 1/3 of the remaining money on games, and then 1/4 of the remaining money on toys. After she bought all of that, she had $7777 left. Assuming she only gets money by allowance, how much money does she earn every month?”

No, Paddy, it can’t be $0. How could she end up with $7777 if she gets nothing each allowance?

No one was prepared to have a go. So, as a class we worked it out by “trial and error.” Our first attempt was $100. We were no where near. So we then tried $1000. We were still not close enough. Samantha noticed that the answer was always half the number we thought of. This made it easy. The answer has to be $7777 x 2.     $15554

The Great Paper Water Carrier

Here’s another challenge for you to attempt. Can you design and make a container to carry water from one place to another using only 2 pieces of newspaper? Fold 2 pieces of newspaper into a water carrying device. You cannot use any other materials. Will your container look like a bucket? A bag? A cone?

We will have a water carrying competition at school on Friday 12 June. We will see who can carry the most water from 1 container to another container 10m away. You can keep carrying water until your container disintegrates. The winner will be the person with the most water in their bucket.

You must enter by enrolling on the comments.

Competitors are… Tiri, Geleta, Shaquille, Ethan, Joy, Lucy, Lesieli, Geleta and Joanna.

Paddy's Who am I

I am famous.

I was a leader.

No, I am not a New Zealander.

Yes, I am dead.

I am male.

Hey Ali. Nice to hear from you. Paddy in my room is running this Who Am I, so I hope he gets into gear and answers your question for you. Have a nice holiday.

I am not Australian. I am famous for helping many people (so no, I am definitely not Adolf Hitler).

Yes, I did help the poor.

Geleta wants to know if I was a president and Samantha wants to know if I come from England or America? No, I am not a President, a Prime Minister, or American. Yes, I am English. So therefore, I can’t be President Lincoln on two counts.

Ilyas wonders if I committed suicide and Shaquille thinks I may be Henry the Eighth. No to both.

Ethan wonders if I did good to everybody.

Paddy says I’m not a scientist either. Scientists do good for other people by improving their lives with their inventions and discoveries.

Mrs Karaka wants to know if I was a sportsman????? The answer is…. Nooo!!!

Ethan wonders if you created a place for the poor? Yes, I did.

Joy asked me if I had kids? no Joy, I didn’t have kids.

Joanna wants to know if you were married. Joy wants to know when you died.

Paddy says “Yes I did attend a war. And I repeat, I had a wife but no kids…”

I fought in battles in another country… I did save lives but can’t tell you how many.

Joanna wants to know if you freed people from jail. She also wants to know if you can speak Spanish. Yes, I did free people from jail. No, I don’t speak Spanish.

Joanna wants to know if your parents or cousins went into battle with you?

Joana asked me these questions… did you have any cousins with you in the battle? No

and were your parents there when you fought in a battle? No,

My father was killed while I was away fighting.

Ilyas asks, “were you born in the 18th Century or the 19th Century? Were you a leader of the United Kingdom during WW2? Where in England were you born ?”

Joanna also wants to know if you took photos during the war.

I was born in the 13th century in Nottingham (in England). So no, I did not take photo’s during the WW2. My merry men fought in battle with me.

Moeez thinks I might be Friar Tuck, Billy, Robin Hood, Yorkshire, or Henry Ireton. Surely I must be one of these people…

At long last. Moeez has come up with the answer. I am Robin Hood. A great character to pick for a who am I, Paddy. I am sorry Room 20 took so long to narrow it down. It just shows, if you don’t ask good questions you are less likely to get the answers you need.

Ethan has questioned whether Moeez won or wheter he did. The judge’s decision is final. Moeez won by a nose. Moeez answered on 4.32pm on the 16th June and Ethan answered at 4.11pm on the 17th June.

A Who Am I While We Wait For Paddy

Paddy let the cat out of the bag when he let it slip that he was Osama Bin Laden. So he is researching a new one. So while we wait, try this one…

I am famous for doing good. This makes a change from people famous for their infamy.

Paddy’s in first. No, I am not a male.

Celia asks if I was a US President. I guess answering Paddy’s query also answers Celias.

Samantha wonders if I am Sir Edmund Hillary. Once again, I think my answer to Paddy’s question kills that suggestion.

I am English.

It has been suggested that I may be Queen Elizabeth. No, I am dead. I won’t say what I did that made me famous because that would give it away.

Tiri thinks I may be Princess Diana. She was English and she is dead but no, I am not Princess Diana.

Samantha has it. I am Florence Nightingale “The Lady With The Lamp.” Once again, research what I did that made me so well known 99 years after my death in 1910. What questions using the seven servants can you think of to ask about her life?

Samantha’s prize, apart from the glory of victory, is to prepare the next “who am I” after Paddy.

Another Who Am I?

I am infamous in history, but failed in what I set out to achieve.

1. Tom thought I might be Hitler. No!

2. Paddy thinks I might be Guy Fawkes. Blast!! I was Mr Guy Fawkes.

So I will reinvent myself because that was too easy. I am still infamous and I still failed in what I set out to do. I was responsible for many deaths.

3. A very interesting question from Samantha. Am I George Bush? Which one? George Bush Senior or George Bush Junior? Both past American presidents of course. Some of these president’s decisions did get people killed. But no, I’m not American.

4. Wow, Moeez wants to know a lot about me.

  1. Yes, I am dead.
  2. Yes, I am famous, or rather, infamous.
  3. Yes, I am male.
  4. Yes, I was responsible for many deaths because I tried to force many people to live a new and different life style that they weren’t use to. Many people died of starvation or sickness in my homeland. I also executed many people who tried to speak out against what I was doing.
  5. Did someone else achieve what I failed to do? No, what I was doing was madness!!

Paddy has done it again He is the undisputed champion.

Yes, I am Pol Pot. A madman who killed millions of his own people. Who can tell me…

  • Why Pol Pot killed so many of his own people?
  • How Pol Pot killed so many of his own people?
  • When Pol Pot killed so many of his own people?
  • Where Pol Pot killed so many of his own people?
  • How did Pol Pot die?

Paddy, you are a champion. I am going to ask you to write the next Who Am I.

Fabulous! Samantha has been doing a bit of research. She has found out that… Pol Pot died at the age of 73.
Real name: Solath Sar.
The number of people he killed: 3 million (between a quarter and a third of Cambodia’s population!).
Home country: Cambodia.
Pol Pot died because of heart failure At 7:27am, on April 16 1998.

Paddy found out that…He died in his sleep in April 15th 1998. He was being held prisoner near the Thai-Cambodian border. He was going to be put on trial for genocide but he died before he could be tried.” We have a discrepancy (difference) in the time of death. Why? Which one’s right?

Congratulations Samantha and Paddy who both went back to their sources to verify their information. I have also checked the sources and think the discrepancy has arisen because Pol Pot died on April 15th but many forms of media at the time didn’t report it until April 16th. Thanks Paddy and Samantha for your sterling work.

Killing 3 million people is hard to comprehend. You can see photos on the internet of skulls stacked up in piles. Some people would say it is sad that Pol Pot lived to such an old age when so many of his countrymen died so young. How did he kill so many Cambodians?

The Great Egg Drop

Join in the Room 20 Great Egg Drop.

The challenge is to design a way of safely dropping an egg from the top of the school playground without it breaking.

  • You can only use items from your recycling bin at home.
  • Your invention can not be more than 30cm big.
  • The great egg drop will be on Wednesday 25 March.

You need to consider cushioning your egg and slowing it’s rate of descent (fall). Good luck with your design.

Celia asks if you can use string. Yes, and sellotape but not too much.

Our first competitior to sign up is Tiri S. You go girl!!

Celia, Geleta and Paddy have also joined the challenge.

Congratulations to Paddy, Celia, and Tiri who all made successful egg dropping inventions. We will post a video about the day soon. Tiri had a great day… Her and Celia think their reward should be a chocolate Easter egg, or a chance to throw an egg at me!! What do you all think?
Huh! Celia’s Mum says I should be egged and Celia gets a chocolate one? I want proof that that was Mum’s opinion and not Celia pretending to be Mum.

Horray! Some common sense at last. Carolyn, Paddy’s Mum, says it would just be a cheep laugh to waste an egg by throwing it at me. She thinks Paddy should spend some of his pocket money and buy a chocolate egg to throw my way. Thank you Carolyn for your intelligence and wise counsel. P.S. Room 20, did anyone spot the pun?

Samantha’s spotted the cheep/cheap pun. Her Mum Lynette, thinks the whole class should get a chocolate egg and throw them at me. This could break the school’s healthy eating policy.

The pressure is building for some sort of chocolate egg after school on Thursday (see comments)… Will I crack under the pressure of expectation?

Sudoku Challenge

In the widget at the bottom of the left hand column you will see Room 20’s Homework. Click on the sudoku challenge and download it onto your computer. Who can be the first person to successfully complete the sudoku and email me a copy? Maybe you could also do the missing addend sheet.

Have a go…

Ethan knows more about the school’s staffroom than me. He wants to know if this Sudoku is from the staffroom. No it isn’t, but I didn’t even know there was one in the staffroom. I had better open my eyes and be a bit more observant I think…