Welcome Back With A New Who Am I?

Time for a new Who Am I? I am famous for sailing, although I have been known to occasionally get lost. Ask the right questions and you’ll work out who I am pretty smartly. Ask the wrong questions and I’ll be waiting until ‘the cows come home’ before you work it out. Send your questions in the comment box.

Harmony wants to know if I am a sailing bear? That must be from a storybook I don’t know. No, I am not a bear. I am human.

Mata wants to know if I am still alive. No, I am no longer living or breathing.

Swaleha asks if I’m famous for doing anything else. Yes I am. I’m famous for looking.

Humairah wants to know if people remember me with their red socks. No, I’m sorry they don’t. She also wants to know if I won any sailing trophy. No, once again I didn’t.

I some times get lost miles and miles from home. So far from home, my crew get nervous that we might not get back.

Fusion wants to know what my purpose was as a sailor. Was I just as an ordinary sailor or a merchant that trades goods. Mmm, good question. I wasn’t an ordinary sailor. I did hope to return with riches but didn’t come back with much at all.

Swaleha wants to know if we have a day to celebrate me. In New Zealand, no. In other countries, yes. In fact, in some countries it is a holiday in remembrance of me.

Kidsline Visit

The kidsline phone counselling service has been helping kids for 21 years. The counsellors are trained year 12 and 13 students. These ‘buddies‘ will discuss any problems or hassles any child is facing. The kidsline motto is ‘It Helps To Talk.’


This week we had some kidline buddies come to our school to promote their work and the service they provide. Don’t forget the phone number if you ever need it. It is 0800kidsline (0800 543 7540) Visit their website KIDSLINE.

Room 20 cheering for Kidsline

Room 20 cheering for Kidsline

Superclubs Plus

Superclubs Logo

We are having a lot of fun with Superclubs Plus. It is a safe place to learn how to interact with other people on the internet. It’s somewhere children can meet friends, have fun and learn with kids of their own age.

We are building our home pages, exploring the different clubs and working hard to gain all our cybersafety stars. Paddy and Rohaub have gained their blue stars. Sunny, Connor, Jack, Tiri, and Tegan aren’t far behind getting their green stars.

We login to superclubs plus at  http://www.superclubsplus.com/

Learn more about Superclubs at





Congratulations to Kamilo for winning the 3 snow planet tickets. Thank you to everyone who supported our camp fundraiser. We will be running another draw over the next two weeks for another great prize.

A New Year


Well, well, well. Embarking on a journey through another exciting year.

We have been looking at the bizarre and absurd works of M.C. Escher. My favourite is “The Waterfall.” You can see lots of his works at The Official MC Escher website.

Homework for this week…



We have been looking at definitions for sphere, cylinder, cube and pyramid. Can you design a net for a box that is 15cm high, 8cm wide, and 3cm deep. Draw it on a piece of paper. If you are unsure how to start, look at a box from the pantry after it has been opened. Bring your design to class and we will trace it onto cardboard and put it together.



Well done Connor, William, Joanna, Deesha and Joy for completing a net for a box. You are all stars!!

Moeez's race story

We started with a basic story idea. Liam is winning the cross country but he has gone out too fast. Sweetie overtakes him and wins. Here is Moeez’s version.

The third time around Liam feels like he had pins stuck in his feet. He could hardly take another step. It felt as if a 50kg man was pulling him down . Liam could smell the sweat pouring from his chin down to his feet. Liam thought that he was going to puke.

Sweetie was cruising, then she saw her chance. She started to sprint. She could feel sweat pouring out her shoes. She was sure that she would win. Her eyes were focused on the finish line. Sweetie picked her speed up and passed Liam. Liam slipped. He could feel the pain. It felt as if his legs are broken. Sweetie sped up and crossed the finish line with joy.

“Mummy” said Liam.

“SHAME!” said Sweetie.

by Moeez

Swine Flu

How worried are you about this latest world pandemic called swine flu? Do you also think it’s a bit of an ugly and unfortunate name? Do you prefer it’s other name, H1N1 Flu.

At Owairaka School we have been fortunate to not have any swine flu cases so far. Of course, that could all change so quickly. One class at Kowhai Intermediate has been sent home because one child in that room has swine fever. Health officials admit it will spread rapidly through the community.

To help prevent any cases of swine flu at our school we are introducing new procedures and practices. Each class has a new tissue dispenser. We also have a new plastic bag lined bin to collect the used tissues only. These will be collected and disposed of separately to all the other rubbish. 

Sonny Bill Williams

Sonny Bill Williams

Another ex-Owairaka pupil doing well for himself is Sonny Bill Williams. Sonny Bill Williams was a star of the Owairaka sports teams when he was at our school over ten year ago. He was always talented, strong and fast. Sonny Bill Williams, his brother John Arthur, and his twin sisters Niall and Denise were all talented at sport.

Sonny Bill Williams has been a star of the NRL with the Bulldogs League team. He played for the Kiwis as well. There was much talk about him having the potential to be the greates League player NZ has ever had. Unfortunately, we may never ever know if he is as good as that. He walked out on league before he had proved how good he really is.  He walked out on the Bulldogs and went to France to play Rugby for Toulon. Maybe he will play for the All Blacks one day.

He also won his first boxing match in Australia against Gary Gurr.


Duffy Assembly

Jackie Clarke speaking to our schoolOn Thursday 26th of March Owairaka Primary School had a Duffy Assembly in the hall with two special guests, Jackie Clarke, a great singer and actor & Ruth from the Rotary Club.

Once Jackie Clarke was ready she stood up & sung her favourite song to us. Afterwards she told us that she has two children, both boys. Every night she tell’s her children a story or the children wouldn’t sleep. She loves to speak in a character voice. She does this on cartoons on TV. She has been on “Stains Down Drains” and “Buzz and Poppy.” She was also a New Zealand idol judge.

When Jackie finished her little speech, Ruth had the pleasure of taking the stage. She gave the year four students illustrated dictionarys, they were very happy and honured for it.

We give many thanks for our two special guests Jackie Clarke & Ruth, THANK YOU=)

Written by Ethan M. & Rohaib B.

If you want to find out more about Jackie Clarke, visit http://www.jackieclarke.co.nz/index.php