Swimming day

Now a days, but not often, Mr Waller took us to the Lake. The Lake water was very fresh. I thought this lake was ordinary but I was wrong, the freezing cold water coming up and up. I felt like my heart was going to explode. My friends were yelling out dive in dive in. I was very anxious. I put my hands in the diving position. I was going to dive, “heeyaa.” I dived into the water. I walked out of the pool freezing. I asked Mr Waller can he make a fire before it rains. He said yes but first he had to ask the boss of the lake. The boss said yes and the boss said he was going to help. I was so surprised. I supposed I should go in the water since I’m waiting. When I walked into the water then a thought appeared in my mind I remembered that the water was freezing cold. I didn’t run out because I was frozen it felt like the water gave me Hypothermia it was like I was in Antarctica and the temperature was at zero. I was moving my legs near the rocks then I got out by the time I got out the fire was ready. I ran to my bag and got my towel then I sited down by the fire. Mr Waller said 5 more minutes and then we are going to go when it was past 5 minutes our class room got changed and we started to walk back I was glad we were back at school.        

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