Cold Swimming Lessons

On a rainy day, at school, in the afternoon, when Mr Waller took us swimming at the pool, I felt like I was in Antarctica. As I slid in the icy water the coldness quickly snatched my breath away. I shivered around the cold freezing swimming pool. I powered up to warm myself but still I was cold. Goose bumps grew bigger and bigger and almost looked like lumps on my body. I couldn’t help it. I didn’t have much energy but I forced myself to use it. So I hoped out and staggered to the changing rooms. I quickly got changed and ran to lie in the sun. My back was burning but I didn’t care.

20 comments on “Mahonri

  1. nice story Mahonri hopefully your are a one of the best swimmer in the cool swimming pool haha, keep up all the good stories.

  2. hey great story!!!cant believe im saying this but you’v done a good job through out the year!!!good job!god bless you with your vbrainy talent!hhahahaha.well got to go!bye!:)

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