Swimming Lessons

Early one morning when school just started, our class had to swim in freezing water. Just when we got changed into our swimming togs it suddenly started raining. We shivered towards the pool, 1 by 1 we hopped in, and then it was my turn. I felt like I had goose bumps starting from my toes going up, up, and finally reaching my face. I slowly went down the ladder and hopped in, I felt like I had hypothermia and wanted to get out but the person in front of me jumped in front of me and splashed all the water on me. I could feel the hypothermia getting stronger and stronger and my friends telling me to go under but I slowly walked towards the ladder and ignored them. Then one of my friends pulled me back and I fell right into the water. The water was extremely cold, not even extremely, over extremely. I felt like I was in Antarctica in the freezing water feeling the hypothermia and goose bumps taking over my body. Finally, while everyone was doing their own lesson, it was my chance to run for the ladder. So I ran for it, hopped out and changed as fast as you could say the whole alphabet. Then I made a run for it, I could feel my goose bumps and hypothermia calming down. I finally was relieved to feel that my coldness was going away. I slowly put my socks on and shoes and covered myself with my towel.

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