We Need Another Great Egg Drop Challengee

Wow, what a successful eggdrop challenge. 12 entrants, 3 successful gadgets. Some designs that tried to slow the rate of descent, some designs that concentrated more on cushioning, and some that were a combination of both ideas. We will make a video about the event this week and post it soon. Tune in.

We have had quite a long hiatus from the blogging scene and it’s nice to be back. Room 20 needs another technological design challenge. We had such fun two years ago when we had the first Great Egg Drop (look back in this blog and on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8IWhcv8zEg and see what happened). So let’s have the Great Egg Drop II.

The conditions of entry are the same. Entrants have to design and build their egg dropping devices at home.

The challenge is to design a way of safely dropping an egg from the top of the school playground without it breaking.

  • You can only use items from your recycling bin at home.

  • Your invention can not be more than 30cm big.

  • The great egg drop will be on Friday 4 March.

Successful egg dropping designs will then be tested from a greater height…out of Room 25’s window.

You need to consider cushioning your egg or slowing it’s rate of descent (fall). Good luck with your design.

Can anyone beat Moeez?

A new challenge. Who am I?

1. I am not a New Zealander.

Segun bombarded me with questions and I would get writer’s cramp if I tried to answer them all. I will answer some and narrow it down a bit.

  1. I am male.

  2.  I was born in Chicago in the USA.

  3. I am now dead.

  4. I became famous for playing a sport very briefly.

  5. People thought it was very strange when I did play my sport because I was the first of my kind to do so.

 Hope that’s not too confusing Segun but you did exhaust me with all those questions…

Thankyou Ethan, Segun and Moeez  for your questions. I will try and answer tham all.

  1. No I am not in the Olympics, tennis, or American Football. Yes I did play Baseball: for 1 game only. I got kicked out after playing my 1 and only game.

  2. No, I have not done anything else famous.

  3. No I have not done anything useful to help mankind.

  4. No one around the world remembers me (except Mr Waller) but most americans know who I am.

  5. I have never heard of Randy Salermo. Is he dead too?

  6. I was born in 1925. If I was still alive I would be 83.

No one like me has played professional baseball again. I was the first and last player like me. What was different about me from every other player?

Ethan and Segun. No, no, no, no. Did any of these baseball players only play 1 game? Were any of them the first of their type to ever play professional Baseball?

Another clue. My childhood was hell because everyone laughed at me when I was growing up because I looked so different. When I played my only game of baseball the whole crowd and the other team laughed at me too.

Moeez wants to know what team I played for. I played for the St. Louis Browns.

Segun wants to know if I am the first kid to ever play baseball. Good question but no I am not a kid. I did pop out of a cake when they carried me into the stadium to have my turn at bat. Most kids would love to do that.

Sekeriye wants to know if I am short. Yes I am, in fact, I am a midget. I am only 109cm tall. He also wants to know if I am married. No I didn’t get married.

Congratulations to Ethan who was the first to say that I am Eddie Gaedel. Thanks to all of Room 20 for the fascinating discussion about his short life.Eddie Gaedel the Midget.

Thank you Segun for sending me the photo you see above. We can see how high the catcher is taking the pitch. No wonder he got walked to first base!!