Water, Water, Everywhere…


Do you have a bath or a shower?

How long do you spend in the shower?

How much water does it take to keep ourselves clean each day?


Some of us sing in the shower. Some of us daydream in the shower. Some of us get in and out as fast as we possibly can. At Friday’s assembly, Ms Whysall challenged us all to try and finish our showers within four minutes. That sounds like plenty of time. I think I can do it. To help us time ourselves she has given each class a four minute egg timer. It sticks to the wall of the shower and you turn it over as you get in. Four minutes later all the sand has run down to the bottom. If you are still in the shower you are wasting water and power unnecessarily.


In Room 20, we will use these egg timers and discuss other ways we can time our showers. We will report back how successful we have been in keeping within the four minute challenge.

Who’s got the most interesting water saving idea on the planet? If you have, send it to me.

Here are some websites to visit to learn more about water conservation around the home.



Tegan, Shafiyah and Deesha have given  some creative solutions. I bet they don’t try any of them.

A nice idea from Connor too. We use to catch in a bucket the water that we waste when the shower warms up when Auckland had a drought and we were running out of water. It’s hard to imagine Auckland not having enough rain!

Thanks Seneepop12  for your suggestion, but I think if your parents ban you from a shower for taking too long then you might have social issues at school as you begin to smell. Pongy children? Eeewwwhhh!!

The Great Paper Water Carrier

Here’s another challenge for you to attempt. Can you design and make a container to carry water from one place to another using only 2 pieces of newspaper? Fold 2 pieces of newspaper into a water carrying device. You cannot use any other materials. Will your container look like a bucket? A bag? A cone?

We will have a water carrying competition at school on Friday 12 June. We will see who can carry the most water from 1 container to another container 10m away. You can keep carrying water until your container disintegrates. The winner will be the person with the most water in their bucket.

You must enter by enrolling on the comments.

Competitors are… Tiri, Geleta, Shaquille, Ethan, Joy, Lucy, Lesieli, Geleta and Joanna.