In The Evening Sun

In the evening sun, I walked to the shore of the icy stream. I put my foot in the water but quickly retracted my leg. I walked to a rock that had the sun shining on its smooth surface.

Turning to see that upstream there were some rapids, then turning to see that there was also a flow, where I was going to swim.

Looking down to see three mosquitoes on my legs, I slapped two of them and left the other, starting to walk over to the stream. Then I hesitated but started to walk again. My foot touched the stream’s surface. I strained to keep my foot in, I took a step deeper into the dark, gloomy water.

Step by step the water hauled me deeper, when finally I pulled myself out of the water’s grasp. It was up to my neck  by then, suddenly a spark of courage started to burn. I closed my eyes and jumped.

Water rushed past my face then the flow caught me in its net, my lungs burning as my legs flapped around uselessly trying to find ground to push myself to the surface then suddenly my left leg hit something hard. I screwed up my face at the pain while my right leg pushed on the object that I had hit. Then there I was gasping for air.

I swam to the side of the river and stalked to the rock with my towel on it. Then I put on my shirt and shivered over to where there was some smoke rising into the evening air.

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